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XXM510M ca 1800 Corset

M510M ca 1800 Corset.

This vintage corset  is simple in design, with a wide square neckline. This style corset is typical of the late 1700's/early 1800's. The corset does not have any bones, but is made of a heavy, ribbed material. The corset laces up the front  in brass eyelets. Gussets are set in the front of the corset, over each breast and at the bottom of each side seam. These gussets give the corset its shape. The corset is sleeveless but does have shoulder straps. The corset is embroidered with the initials, "V.C." in red thread.  The corset is in very good condition. It is sturdy with no holes or tears.  This is a wonderful item for an antique textile collection.

From about 1800 until 1860 it was the corset that was used by most people. It did not change in shape. See Early victorian 1840-70 M462M French Corset from 1850.

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