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xxM1098M Large Gustav Gaudernack flower brooch

xxM1098M Large Gustav Gaudernack flower brooch.
Gustav Gaudernack (1865-1914) 925s and enamel brooch.
Oval shape with wave edge. Design with carnations.
Enamel black gold, green, blues and reds.
This brooch is simply in perfect condition. No scratches on the enamel, 
Gustav Gaudernack was a silver and enamel artist of high class. He is considered among the best in the world. All his works are handmade.Gustav Gaudernack  was born into a typical artisan family in Bohemia.
He began his apprenticeship in 1880.
He arrived in Kristiania in 1891 where he first took up employment as a draftsman, working for ...the Christiania Glassmagasin. Whilst there, he produced designs for both for Hadeland Glassverk and Høvik Verk.
In June 1892 he began producing designs for David Andersen and in 1894 he was on permanently as a designer. He was the company's sole in-house designer until 1910. Gustav Gaudernack's artistic direction is largely credited in the development of David Anderson's production of enamelware.
In 1912 he took up a position with the Arts and Crafts School as its first lecturer in jewellery design.
It was during his study trips abroad that Gustav Gaudernack decided to start up his own business. He presented his journeyman's piece as a goldsmith in 1910 and on 1 November of that same year he founded "Factory for Silver, Filigree & Enamelware" at Storgaten 2 in Kristiania.
He was officially licensed as a goldsmith the same year.
He died early in the year 1914, but the workshop continued until 1938 under the auspices of his wife, Anna, and his son, Finn.

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