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xxM1074M Chanel Classic 2,55 x

xxM1074M Chanel 2,55 .
Classic 2.55 Off White Chanel Quilted 10" Bag GHW Rare Double Flap.This is a Vintage Chanel classic  bag in lambskin with gold hardware. Guaranteed Authentic!! .It is from 1989-1991 the hardware is gold plated which is true from vintage pieces. Has still its authentic card as seen in photos. Has serial number 1935938. Come with original dust cloth. This Chanel is in great Vintage condition.
The bag measures 25cm long and 15.5 cm high. It is 6,5cm wide. Chanel model Classi 2.55 is perhaps the most famous of all Chanel bags. Numbers 2.55 has its origin in the month February number 2 and 55 is 1955. I am happy to own this handbag.

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