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M225M Georgian purse x

xxM225M Georgian purse early 1800, before 1820.


i bought this from a very well known auction house and it was listed as georgian.They know a lot more than me so i will list as georgian.

This little drawstring bag is really lovely.its made from raw silk i think and embroidered in very pale colours of course they were probably quite bright when they were the centre is a gothic letter A in pink

the needlework is very neat and the condition is  good,there are bits of damage, inside on the lining where it has a brown mark which has gone into a tiny hole but its really not noticable unless you turn it inside out. when you look in the bag the lining at the top which is a very fine silk has parted all along the edge where its been folded for years and years but it could easily refold and slip stitch it together. the same thing has happened on the outside where the fabrics folded but again it could be mended

23 cms by 27 cms L

  • Front Side View
  • Detail Embroidery View l
  • Detail Embroidery View ll
  • Back Side View
  • Detail Enbroidery Back Side View
  • Inside View
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