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M853M Necklace and cross pendant 830 silver

M853M Necklace and cross pendant 830 silver. Necklace and cross pendant 830 silver. The necklace measures 50cm and the beautiful cross is 5.5 cm high and 4cm wide. The necklace is made a the renowned Norwegian firm Hestenes Bergen. Krisian Hestenes 1873-1928 

Kristian Hestenes apprenticed to goldsmith, Theodor Olsen, in Bergen and was officially licensed in 1904.

The same year he opened a shop with workshop in Strandgaten 89, Bergen.

He started out producing hand wrought spoons, but gradually switched over to mechanisation and began producing holloware too.

Flatware, holloware and jewellery items in silver and enamel formed the bulk of his production.

In 1927 Hestenes opened a shop in Olav Kyrresgt. 1, AS Smaragd.

His son Magnus (b. 1901 - d. 1984) took over the company when his father died in 1928.

The company closed down in 1993.         

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