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xxM1178M Einar Mlodahl 925s and enamel earrings

xxM1178M Einar Modahl 925s and enamel earrings. My wonderful earrings in 925S and enamel. I love to have them on me. They are gorgeous white enamel as you can see. They measure 1.5 cm in diameter. They are flawless

Einar Modahl  (1889-1951) was apprenticed to Marius Hammer in Bergen in filigree work.

He worked for a time for the goldsmith, Clemet Berg, in Oslo and completed his journeyman's piece in 1920 for the Norsk Filigransfabrikk.

In the same year he was officially licensed and established an enamelware workshop under his own name, Einar Modahl.

In 1937, the business became a limited company with Odd Frisch as joint owner.

When Einar Modahl dies in 1951, the company continued with Odd Frisch at the helm. He himself died in 1970 and the company subsequently closed down in 1987.


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