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M550M David Andersen 14K-585 Gold Brooch SignedTakst-valuation

M550M David Andersen 14K-585 Gold Brooch Signed.
David Andersen
The company was founded in Christiania (now Oslo), Norway by David Andersen in 1876, Andersen (1843-1901) was a gold and silversmith with a keen sense of quality and the high standards of his workmanship brought early success. By1888 Andersen was able to expand his workshop into a steam powered plant and a second retail location was opened in Oslo in 1892. David Andersen died in 1901 and his son, Arthur Andersen, took the teins ofthe firm. Arthur instituted some inportant changes, he decided to hyphenate the family name to David-Andersen, and as chief designer, he introduced the use of enameling on the companys gold and silver jewelry has become nearly synonymous with the David-Andersen name. The firm has remained a family business and is now run by members of the fourth generation, Uni and Jon David Andersen. David Andersen has always kept pace with changing times and artistic trends, over time they have produced beautiful and finely crafted jewelry and objects in the style of: Naturalism, Dragestil(Dragonstyle),Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Art Moderne and Modernism.
Handmade Brooch with pearl around 1970.
On the back of the Brooch is the following inscription: UNI DA 585 INV LSR Handmade. UNI stands for Uni David-Andersen, born 1930. LSR stands for designer Liv Solnør Rognan, she was active in the 1970s
Takst-Valuation N. Kr. 6000

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