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M589M Early O.F. Hjortdahl Brooch

M589M Early O.F. Hjortdahl Brooch.

This brooch is made before 1940s and it is in good condition. The brooch has O.F. Hjortdahls silver mark
Olaf Fritjof Hjortdahl were trained in the art filigree in 1905 by Clement Berg. Later he worked in both Aksel Holmsen and Ole Olberg.
Furthermore, he worked 1 1/2 years in Berlin as gold works.

He solved citizenship in Oslo in 1914 and established the Bernard Meldahl a workshop for enamel work.
Bernard Meldahl withdrew from the firm in 1931 and Olav Hjortdahl continued under his own name OFHjortdal.

When Olaf Hjortdahl died in 1954 his son Tore Hjortdahl business.

The workshop was closed down in 1970.

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