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M865M Arne Nordlie Oslo Earrings 925s

M865M Arne Nordlie Oslo Earrings 925s 
Earrings in
silver and white enamel. They are in excellent condition
Arne Nordlie started his apprentice by J. Tostrup, where his father worked as a silver engraver.

Arne Nordlie began his apprenticeship at J. Tostrup, where his father, Carl Nordlie worked as a silver engraver. He took his apprenticeship in 1943 and was officially licensed in 1946.

He started a workshop in 1943 in Torggt. 34 in Oslo.
The workshop developed the production of silver, and silver enamel.
The firm moved in 1947 to Ruseløkkvn. 5, Oslo and in 1966 to Bryn, Oslo.
He designed and made their own jewelry and was a very creative person and an inventor.

In 1969, his son Per Arne Nordlie joined the company as a trained goldsmith and has continued the development of silver-enamel jewellery for both children and adults.
The company is still in full operation with a continued focus on the enamel. 


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