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XXM68M The finest milliner in history Carolines Reboux hat

XXCarolines Reboux hat made around 1900. A great wide brimmed hat in black silk with tulle and feathers. From a milliner who is hard to find. So Caroline Reboux hats are very expensive. A hat similar to the one I set out here costs U.S. $ 3000-5000. Caroline Reboux is considered to be the finest milliner in history, and the first Haute Couture milliner.   She also designed hats in the Victorian Era to be shown with the collections of Charles Frederick Worth, among others.   She practiced her fashion arts from the 1870's to the late 1920's, her clients being the most wealthy and famous women in the world.   She is primarily known for her hats, and few realize that she also designed fabulous Haute Couture clothing as well.  Outside of a few pieces in French Textile museums, there are almost no garments of hers to be found today.  A Reboux hat is a rare prize in itself , but finding an actual hat or cape such as this is beyond the scope of most collections.  Her hats have been appraised for over $5,000.00, so imagine what a nice investment this is for my own collection!  Caroline Reboux, was born i Paris i 1837 and died there in 1927. 

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