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xxM1124M Nils M. Elvik Brooch

xxM1124M Nils M. Elvik Brooch. Small Nils M. Nelvik pin / Brooch. It measures 2 cm long and 1 cm at its widest. It is in excellent condition. He was trained by Aksel Holmsen in Oslo in filigree and took the journeyman's examinationin 1907. In 1910 he received his craft certificate and the following year he started the craft shop company Nils M. Elvik Sølv- og Emaljefabrik.

His production was mainly based on enamel goods.

In1938 Nils Martin Elvikand his son Edward Berge established Gullvarefabrikken AS.

Elvik& Co AS was founded in1941 by Edward Berge Elvik as a sales company for the other two production companies. The first silver and enamel company was later closed down.

From the very beginning, the company address was Storgaten 20, but moved to Vindern, Oslo in 1986 and then to Bryn, Oslo.

Another son Arnold Elvik (b.1918) solved the craftsletter in 1942 and ran the company Nils M.Elvik Eftf from 1947 as a craft shop.

This great needle in silver and enamel is in excellent condition. According stamped it from Nils M. Elvik early period. 1920-1930 or older.

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