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M136AM Georgian Rose Cut Diamond RingTakst- Valuation N.Kr.9000

M136AM Georgian Rose Cut Diamond Ring.
Georgian Rose Cut Diamond Ring.  It was common before 1840 that the combined metals in jewelry. Ring is made of silver and gold. Diamond ring is made of a stone of about 0.50 ct. It is in excellent condition. Diamonds became popular as ornaments in jewelry in the 1400's and the different techniques and styles of diamond cuts such as the Rose Cut Diamond were gradually developed over many years. The Rose cut, which has been in use since 1520 was created to resemble an opening rose-bud. It is chosen when the loss to the stone would be great if the Brilliant cut were selected. The characteristic of the Rose is that it is flat below, and forms a hemisphere or low pyramid above, covered with small facets. The facets are in two rows : those in the upper row are called star-facets ; those in the lower diagonal facets. In the centre there are generally six facets of triangular shape.
Ring made of silver and gold.  weight 2,0 grams with one rose cut diamond.
28.08.2017. Assuransetakst/gjennkjøpsverdi- N.Kr. 6 000

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