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M643M Finn Jensen 925S and enamel bracelet

M643M Finn Jensen 925S and enamel bracelet.
This beautiful bracelet 925S and enamel belonged to my mother. It is by Finn Jensen b 1918 d 1976. From 1936 Thurs 1940 Finn Jensen was apprenticed two J. Tostrup, special icing in silver holloware.He completed his journeyman's piece in 1940 and was officially licensed in 1941.
In 1944, he and the goldsmith, Knut Aamodt, took over the workshop of goldsmith Martin Lande, that Storgt. 19 in Oslo.
The name of the M. Landes was Eftf., But this was changed to Jensen & Aamodt in 1946.
In 1952 Knut Aamodt pulled out and the name was changed workshops again two Finn Jensen. The workshop moved two Storgt. 22.
Jensen opened a retail shop Bogstadvn. 40 in 1960, but subsequently moved this two Hegdehaugsvn. 36.
When he died in 1976 the workshop was taken over by two of the employees and is still run today by one of them under the name Opro Products AS.

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