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xxM420M Couture Blouse with Paris Label

xxM420M Couture Blouse with Paris Label,
here along with a summer skirt. (It is from ca 1900, late Victorian or early Edwardian).

Mon Bulloz 1900 Victorian French waist blouse BODICE

A circa 1900, late Victorian, gatd blouse waist from Mon Bulloz, a famous Parisian fashion house. Label reads: " Paris, Mon Bulloz, 140 Champs Elysees ." Mon Bulloz was as famous as Callot in its day. Bulloz appcated in Vogue several times in 1910.

Blouson-style front and back, in two layers of ivory-white tulle netting. Closures for both layers of tulle are up the back, with an inner and out row of hooks/eyes; Petersham waistband has two larger hooks/eyes. Full sleeves are puffed, fitted at the elbow, ending in draped ruffle sleeve cuffs. Two embroidered swags drape over the front, puddling near the waistband (w they connect back to the bodice). Embroidery is in medium-blue and bluish-grey threads, and it adorns the shoulders, swags, sleeve cuffs, and down the back. T is a dainty line of embroidery that goes around each tulle cuff at the very tip (pic 4). Lace at neckline. Approx. measurements: 26" waist, 36" bust for inner layer of tulle (about 42" bust for outer blouson layer), 14" length down center back. Condition: the tulle netting is extremely fine and has lots of folds and layers but I see just 2 tiny holes and no tears (almost missed these as they are very small). T is a 3" place w the netting seam has come undone and should be restitched (pic 19). This item has not been soaked/washed and t are about 4 stains/spots (pic 10, on the sleeve, for one of the largest). The blue embroidery has slightly faded on the back (though it may be meant to be like this) and the lace around the neckline has a tear and needs some reinforcing stitches. T's a bit of fraying on one cuff which isn't very noticeable, and a faint bit of underarm staining (seems largely confined to the inner netting layer of one armpit and isn't very noticeable). Label is virtually perfect, all hooks/eyes appear to be present, embroidery is intact and lovely. Blouse fabric isn't deteriorating and appears quite sound and soft. An authentic late Victorian waist from the famous Parisian Mon Bulloz fashion house.

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