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M866M Beautiful Art Nouveau Marius Hammer silver and enamel necklace

M866M Beautiful Art Nouveau Marius Hammer silver and enamel necklace. Antique Marius Hammer Norwegian Silver Vermeil Blue Enamel Necklace. Beautiful antique late Victorian to Edwardian era (circa early 1900's) Marius Hammer silver vermeil enamel necklace.

This piece features aqua blue enamelwork and gold w...ash or silver filigree metal. It has a delicate rolo chain and closes with a twist and lock barrel clasp.

It is marked 830S and the letter "M" with the hammer symbol on the back of the center dangle. This is the hallmark for Marius Hammer (b. 1847 - d. 1927) who was a silversmith and enamellist from Bergen, Norway.

It measures 17.75" long from end to end (including clasp).

This necklace is in very good condition commensurate with age.
Marius Hammer was the son of master goldsmith Lauritz Johan Hammer (1812-1874), who had a workshop in Bergen.

Marius Hammer was apprenticed to his father, but undertook further studies in Hamburg and Berlin.
He was officially licensed as a goldsmith
in 1871 at which time he took over his father's workshop and went on to further develop under his own name.

Hammer specialized in filigree and enamelling and produced substantial amounts, targeting in particular the tourist market. He also prodused a large volume of silver holloware of superior artistic merit.

The company was incorporated in 1915 with Hammer's , son Torolf at the helm but Torolf died soon after in 1920.
Hammer's other son, Max, subsequently took over, but he too died in 1927, as did Marius Hammer hilself.
The company ran into serious economic difficulty and the company went bankrupt in 1930.

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