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M800M 925 silver and enamel 1930s Brooch

M800M 925 silver and enamel 1930s Brooch. Brooch made ​​by Georg J. Ruud Oslo born 1888 died 1957. The butterfly  brooch measures 4.00 cm wide and 3.00 cm high. It is in excellent condition.

Georg Johannes Ruud was born in Oslo and completed his apprenticeship with David Andersen in filigree work in 1906.
He worked as a journeyman goldsmith for Ole Olberg and was a works manager at Nils M. Elvik until he was officially licensed in 1923.
In the same year he started up his own silver and enamelware workshop under the name of Georg J. Ruud.
He subsequently moved the workshop to Hausmannsgt. where there was a higer degree of production of filigree and silver enamel items.
Goldsmith Bredo Martin Østby became a parner in the company on 1 January 1952 and the company name was changed to Georg J. Ruud & co, but the official status of the caompany remained the same.
The production line continued to be brooches, and enamel jewellery.
The company closed down in 1958.


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