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M115M 1914 sensation corset Jane Jackson

xxM115M 1914 sensation Rubber Corset Jane Jackson. A very rare originalsurviving new old store stock corset with tag and original box, a Jane Jackson brand style 910 pink rubber Wonder Reducing back lace corset from a Spokane Washingtion clothing store that locked it doors in 1914. marked inside with "PATENT APPLIED FOR, 26 with original inspection tag and elastic garters with "GRIPMOR" marked hosiery fasteners. In excellent clean sound and supple unworn condition, with only a few very light smudges to the rubber. The original lace are still wrapped  picture Detail l. Shown with new laces, and marked on the box with size 26 as well. A very rare and original edwardian era corset. When will you ever see another.

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