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M219M The life of queen Victoria

M219M The life of queen Victoria. The Graphic, January 26, 1901.This is a wonderful book that shows the Queen Victoria's life in pictures. For anyone interested in clothes and fashion, it is useful. You see the clothes of the upper class for both sports and parties. It is in excellent condition.

  • The Duchess of Kent and pricess Victoria
  • Right Victoria 10 years, left Victoria 11 years
  • Sir Walter Scott being introduced to princess Victoria
  • The Queen at the age of seventeen
  • Victoria receiving the news of William lV Death
  • The first counsil of the queen on June 20  1837
  • Westminster Abbey, june28, 1838
  • The marriage of queen Victorian and Prince Albert 1840
  • The royal familie with their dogs
  • Victoria Accompanving Jenny Lind
  • The Royal familie
  • Crown price of Prussia and the royal princess
  • Queen Victoria 1895
  • Queen Victoria 1897
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