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xxM1176M Albert Scharning 925s Brooch

Brooch in 925S and enamel. It measures 6.5 cm long and 1.7 cm wide. An unusual Brooch in gorgeous blue enamel and silver. It is flawless. It was designed by the firm Albert Scharning

Albert Scharning

f. 1875    d. 1950                                       stempel:      A.Sch   

Est. 1900-1980

Albert Scharning started working in the field with a agency company in 1900 and as the only Sales Representative for Norwegian Filigransfabrik. The factory shut down the production in 1906 and Albert Scharning took over a larger share of the factory’s technical equipment.

In 1910 it formed a new company with ia Albert Scharning as manager, but he withdrew from the company in 1927. During the entire period, he ran his separate agency company on the side. Albert Scharning died in 1950 and his son Per took over. The company eventually became a separate workshop producing silver and enamel jewelry.

The firm moved to Molde in 1971, but stepped down operations due Per Scharnings disease.

The business closed around 1980.

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