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M725M Hroar Prytz Brooch 925 s and enamel

This beautiful vintage brooch is a classic maple leaf design by Hroar Prydz of Norway. Made of sterling silver with a gold vermeil wash, it is finished with vitreous glass (kiln-fired) enamel in warm, autumn shades of pale yellow, amber, and brown. The translucent enamel is applied over a detailed basse-taille pattern of veining, giving the piece a very realistic appearance. The piece also has the curvature of a fallen, drying autumn leaf.

Measuring 1 5/8" by 1 1/2", the brooch is in very good condition; there is a tiny hairline at the bottom right, not visible when worn. The back of the brooch has a roll-over safety clasp and is signed "Sterling 925S Norway" along with the Prydz maker's mark, which resembles a circle with a wedge cutoutan til Oslo.

The wholesale company was started by Hroar Prydz in 1891.

He started out as a salesman, working for H.C. Østrem in 1877.

After 14 years, he started up his own business. He sold mainly German goods.

After his death in 1937, wholesaler, Hans Myhre took over his company.
Hans Myhre ran the company until 1965, when Else Berntsen Hughes (Studio Else & Paul) took over.

The company closed down in 1985.

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