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xxM 1123M 1916 Sterling silver coin purse x

Wonderful piece! It is made of solid Sterling Silver. Measures 9cm" long and6" wide. The front has a very elaborate and ornate floral design with initials and the back has "1916" etched on. The push button clasp works perfectly. It weighs 82.5 grams.  The chain on this coin purse was NOT intended to be long, it has NOT been shortened.  It has multiple markings such as "W (Watrous); Sterling; 741; 22; 22E" on various areas. 

Watrous Mfg. Co. of Wallingford CT. was established in 1896 and became a division (FactoryP) of International Silver Co. in 1898. At the start this company produced both sterling and silver plated objects. In the Jeweler's Circular of 1919 it described this plant as making " sterling novelties, vanity and cigarette cases, etc., sterling toiletware, hollowware, and flatware...."

This example hails from that era when ladies desired a purse that could serve them for cosmetic use, cards of introduction, change and bill carrier, and note taking while attending social events. The inside of the compact cover door is fitted with a celluloid card for the lady to notate order of dance partners. Celluloid was the world first synthesized plastic.

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