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Hjem-Museum / Clothing and Accessories-Accessories including Jewellery-1901 - 1908 - Edwardian-xxM1326M Antique two strand Akoya saltwater pearls 9-9,5 necklace Takst-Valuation 115 000

xxM1326M Antique two strand Akoya saltwater pearls 9-9,5 necklace Takst-Valuation N. kr. 115 000

A 2-row cultured pearl necklace 41, 46 beads 9-9,5 mm. 12k white gold lock with 51 8/8 diamond calculated weight 0,50 ct. Absolutely gorgeous necklace, in excellent original condition. Two strands of white 9-9,5 well mathed pearls finished with a beautiful diamond clap. The pearl rows measures 45 and 50 cm. The necklace weighs 80 grams. The pearl necklace does not have a gold stamp. It has tested 12k gold. In the 19th century until the first world war in 1914-1918 it was quite common that the gold jewelry was not stamped. The goldsmiths often put their identities in the jewelry. The goldsmith has put his identties in this necklace. The necklace and lock are handmade. It is of very good quality. The Akoya cultured pearls is the classic of the cultured pearls. The first cultured pearls were grown in the late 1800s. The pearls are grown in the waters around sentral Japan and Southeren Japan. The pearl is grown with a diameter of 2- 8,5. Sizes above 9 mm are rare and therefore very expensive.This high class necklace has beads 9-.9,5 mm. Fredrik Georg Gade who is the appraiser for the goldsmiths and auctions in Oslo has appreciated this necklace for kr. 115 000(see picture)

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