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M677M Sølje KA Rasmussen Christiania

M677M Sølje KA Rasmussen Christiania.
This beautiful brooch is made before 1890. It is stamped 13 1/4. This stamp was used until 1890 since stamped 830s. Brooch measures 4 inches from edge to edge. From the top to the bottom is 7.5 cm. This antique brooch is in excellent condition.
Knut Andreas Rasmussen was born 1837på Sunnmøre and died 1918 in Oslo. First he went to a goldsmith's apprentice in Ålesund. In 1861 he came to Oslo, where he started as a journeyman with J. Tostrup. He started his own business in 1872.
He founded his business as plain special designs of filigree, the first in Oslo. This brooch that I have is a distinctly filigree work.

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