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Hjem-Museum / Clothing and Accessories-Purses and handbags, sunglasses with box, glovers, belts and parasols-1908 - 1920 - The teens-M209M French steel besded Purse, xhandbag, signed x

M209M French steel besded Purse, handbag, signed x

M209M French steel besded Purse, handbag, made in France. The purse is made of miro steel beads. The purse has a brass metal embrossed frame with a push botton closure. The frame opens and shuts as it should and it is very nicely engaved. This purse measures about 23 cm long including the fringe and about 16 cm wide. The chain handle has a drop of about 16 cm. The fringe is lovely. There are no missing beads and no splits in the rows. The outside condition is very good. Inside the original lining is tatters. It has a mirror that has lost most of its original silvering. This is a fantastic bag taken ages into consideration is in very good condition.

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