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M150AM 1950s necklace 925s

M150AM 1950s necklace and  earrings  925S
Silver and enamel was very popular in Norway in the 1950-1960s . The jewelry was made in large quantities and much of exported abroad. These jewels belonged to my mother. The necklace from 1955-60 is hallmarked 925s and TYA markers mark for Andresen & Scheinpflug, Oslo. Jens Ingvald Andresen 1901-1974 was apprentice at the workshop to Hjortdal & Meldahl 1915 to 1919. He stayed with the firm until 1931 when Meldahl left to form his own company. Andresen followed  Meldahl and continued to work for him until 1936. In 1936 Andresen co-founded a separate silver and enamel workshop and called it Andresen & Scheinpflug in  Oslo. Andresen & Scheinpflug closed  doors in 1966. Jens Ingvald Andresen is known to have made many beautiful silver and enamel jewelry.  The necklace are in excellent condition.

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