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M222M The Daily Graphic

M222M The Daily Graphic. Titanic, Titanic, Titanic again.The Number of the Daily Graphic of 20 April 1912 is the highly paid newspaper from the 1900s on Auctions. this is the original from 1912. Fun to read. Among other things, there is a picture of Lady: Duff. It is her firm that designed the dress that is on display on this page. I do not sell this original newspapers, but if anyone is interested they can buy the copy of the Daily Graphic of 20 April 1912 at a reasonable price. This is one of my treasures which I am happy to own.

  • Titanic in Memoriam Number
  • Titanic met with desaster on her maiden voyage
  • Some of the Titanic notable passengers
  • High class lady Duff-Gordon
  • Wait for the list of lost at Southampton
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