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Hjem-Museum / Clothing and Accessories-Accessories including Jewellery-1940 - up to present - Designers-xxM1213M Large 18k gold cross covered with diamonds 18 k gold chain Takst-Voluation N.Kr. 40 000

xxM1213M Large 18k gold cross covered with diamonds Takst-Voluation N. Kr. 40 000

18K white gold cross pendant with 75 brilliant sparkling diamonds total 1,60 CT It weighs 15,80 grams and it is 6,5 cm high and ,5 cm wide, with 18k gold chain weighs 13,30 gram  Total weigh 29,10 gram. In excellent condition.
19.06.2017.Assuransetakst/Gjennkjøpsverdi Insurance Voluation N.Kr. 40 000

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