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Hjem-Museum / Clothing and Accessories-Purses and handbags, sunglasses with box, glovers, belts and parasols-1920 - 1940 - Art deco - depression-xxM352M Great beautiful Mandalian Purse x

xxM352M Great beautiful Mandalian Purse x

xxM352M Great beautiful Mandalian Purse.
This is the third of my great Mandalian Purse. Mandalian purse in excellent condition. The gold frame has a beautiful flower design and inside stamped MANDALIAN MFG. The closure snaps tightly and is also shaped like a flower bud. the chain handle measures 13" in length. The overall purse measures 8" by 5". The gold background has bright enameled colors of teal,rose, and black. All 9 tosses are connected with a bit of wear on the teal coloring. The original lining is still there which is rare for the age of this purse.  This purse is in excellent shape as seen in the photos  and believed to be from the early 1920'. L

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