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Hjem-Museum / Clothing and Accessories-Vintage clothing-1870 - 1901 - Late Victorian-xxM395M Fabulous Emile Pingat dress 1876

xxM395M Fabulous Emile Pingat dress 1876

xxM395M Fabulous Emile Pingat dress 1876-90. These france dressmaker was active from 1850 to 1896. He dies short after he closed the door.

This is a very nice black suit from 1876-90. The label in the gown was used from 1876 to 1890.. I belive that the dress is made in the late 1870s or early 1880s. It is in silk taffeta and lace. The dress is in excellent condition. It consists of two parts, blouse and skirt. Blouse has whale bones and the skirt has horsehair petticoats. A dress few have anything like-.

Unlike his contemporary Charles Worth, Emile Pingat (1820-1901) has been largely forgotten. Pingat was active between 1850 and 1896 and at the time, his reputation was equal to that of Worth. Beginning in the 1870s and ending in the mid 1890s, publications such as the New York Times, Harper's Bazaar and Godey's Lady's Book consistently mention the two couturiers in the same sentence. A dinner conversation described in the July 21, 1883 issue of Harper's Bazaar encapsulates the tone of this coverage, "The great subject of dress was allowed, and the rival merits of Worth, Pingat and their noble army were discussed." Clearly, the two men are positioned not as fierce competitors, but as the two most powerful forces shaping fashion.

Though Pingat designed a variety of gowns, he was known primarily as a authoritative designer of outerwear. Opera coats, jackets and a variety of mantles were all designed by Pingat. The base fabric varied from sturdy wool to brightly colored silks, but Pingat's outerwear always featured extensive embellishment, such as beading, fringe and lace. In fact, descriptions of Pingat's outerwear by the fashion press give the impression that the chosen textile was used primarily as a foundation on which to showcase a sophisticated sense of surface design. 


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