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Hjem-Museum / Clothing and Accessories-Purses and handbags, sunglasses with box, glovers, belts and parasols-1920 - 1940 - Art deco - depression-xxM208M Whiting & Davis signed purse x

xxM208M Whiting & Davis signed purse x

xxM208M Whiting & Davis signed purse. Vintage Art Deco Whiting & Davis Green Pink Cloisonne Enamel Mesh FLAPPER Purse.  Vintage Art Deco era  baby fine mesh purse signed on the inside of the frame Whiting & Davis. Beautiful deco geometric design in pink and green outlined in silver.  Van Dyke fringe.  Still retains the original cloisonne enamel frame. Measures17 by 13 cm. . In excellent condition for age.  Hinges nice and tight against the frame. Both sides just under the frame hinge could use a couple invisible stitches.
The comany whiting & Davivis started in 1896. These mesh purses were mae by hand by woman as a  cottage industri with as many as 100 000 induvidually soldered links. What started out as a new England home industri grew into big business with the invention of the mesh machine in 1909.

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