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M314M 1940s Limoges Hand France Painted Brooch

M314M  Limoges France hand  Painted Brooch. This is a hand painted brooches from Limoges France. It is early Victorian . There is an inscription which unfortunately does not appear in the picture, GL 43 Limoges France. Measures approximately 2`In Diameter and 1/2 `high.

Hand painted Victorian Limoges cameo brooch. A finely detailed portrait of a young lady is delicately painted on a scalloped porcelain miniature charger. 

Item is in excellent condition.

This motif "Lady in Blue" is very well known and has been copied many times, also by other than Limoges.

The first brooches with this design was made in the 1840s of Limoges. When this was made I do not know properly. It's a number 43 If this is the number of brooches, or anything else I do not know. I'm no expert, but it is certainly a beautiful brooches.

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