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vvM412M Fabulous Dress with Label

xxM412M Fabulous Dress with Label.This is an absolutely fabulous dress. It is in green silk satin and has gorgeous embroidery. I'll take more pictures. It is from 1910-12. Same owner as the yellow dress from Doucet Paris. Created by Joseph Horne Co., Pittsburgh, Penna. This company is known to have had creative designers. Many hold these designers to be as good as the French designer.
Joseph Horne (1826-1891) was born in Bedford County, Pennsylvania the son of Henry Horne, who had served in the Continental Army, Henry intended his son to be a physician. Joseph had other plans, moved west to Pittsburgh and found his first job in the retail trade with Christian Yeager, the father of South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club member H. C. Yeager. Soon, Joseph moved to the F.H. Eaton store, and first became a partner. He bought out the business in 1849, renaming it The Joseph Horne Company, a name it would bear for more than 130 years. Horne was 23 at the time of the purchase. He joined forces with Christian B. Shea and A. P. Burchfield, whose families intermarried and entered the business, and brought a hauteur to this emporium that has never been equaled in Pittsburgh.


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