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M658M A Magnificent Runner and eighteen Doilies for shellfish party

M658M A magnificent runs and eighteen doilies for shellfish party.
This is a very beautiful set with a runner and eighteen small tablecloths. The set is hand embroidered in the 1920s in Norway. It's used thin fabric and silk threads. The Runner measures 1.25 meters long and 0.38 meters wide. The small heart-shaped cloths measuring 0.16 meters from edge to edge and 0.16 from top to bottom. It was one of my friends claimed that the small cloths were napkins. They are not. The set was supposed to be over a white cloth as decoration. The small cloths were lying over a cover plate. This I have shown in the pictures. Look at the pictures and enjoy the show.

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  • Doilies on the cover plate Vlll
  • Doily on the cover plate lX
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