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Hjem-Museum / Clothing and Accessories-Accessories including Jewellery-1940 - up to present - Designers-xxM1299M 14k white gold Halo 1,25 ct Diamond earrings Taskt-Valuation N. Kr. 25000

xxM1299M 14k white gold Halo 1,70ct Diamond earrings

14k white gold Halo diamond earrings - Center diamonds are 4,4 mm for about 0,55  Sl l-l clarity l color, 18 smaller diamonds 4,5 points for 0,70 ct at Sl l . l clarity and l color- stamped 14k-weight 4,2 grams. Heavy gold, crew back. This is earrings of high quality. Takst-Valuation N.Kr. 25 000

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