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Hjem-Museum / Clothing and Accessories-Accessories including Jewellery-1940 - up to present - Designers-M540M 585-14k gold pendant with rock crystal quartz 14k gold chain takst Valuation N Kr 10000

M540M 585-14k gold pendant with rock crystal quartz with 14k gold chain

M540M 585-14k yellow gold pendant 9,9 grams with rock crystal quartz, yellow gold venetian necklace 42 cm. Takst Valuation N kr 10000  Rock crystal is the term for clear and transparent crystals of quartz. They are common in hydrothermal times, where hot water of several hundred degrees with dissolved minerals has flowed through cracks in the rock and formed precipitates of quartz and other minerals.

Rock crystal is an ornamental and jewelry stones, but is quite common in Norway and not particularly valuable. It was used in the Stone Age, but it is difficult to determine to what extent.

The Roman scholar Pliny the Elder thought rock crystal was permanently frozen ice. After the Renaissance, was rock crystal with great interest because of its ability to split light spectrum in a 60 ° angle. Industrial production of products on the basis of quartz and rock crystal has been happening in a few hundred years.

Many believe
the rock crystal has a healing effect
Characteristics of rock crystal is balance and purity, meditation, amplifier virningen of other crystals, highlighting the "sixth" sense and cleanses the aura.
This pendant measures 4cm in length. It is in excellent condition

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