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xxM184M 1840-50 Bonnet

xxM184M 1850-60 Bonnet. A very lovely original pre Civil War - Victorian 1850s to 1860s womens bonnet. With a wire frame and tulle mache covering this gorgeous bonnet is created with chocolate brown silk taffeta that is quite ornately ruched and crimped across the top and pleat folded across the front brim. Also in the front across the brim is a cinnamon shaded silk taffeta ribbon and bow that is adorned with a black beaded leaf while the back is decorated with matching ribbon in very lovely arrow tab folds. The ribbon overlays down the spoon sides. At the inside top of the brim is a 1" wide strap, stiffened with an inside lining. This black lace trimmed strap is created to come down over the forehead and see the hair in the front. The bavalet is trimmed with delicate narrow handmade lace and the neck apron is a 1.75" black lace. Inside ties are not present. I find this bonnet to be in superb condition. The overall silk is in very clean sound condition, there is a few small black marks that I believe is just from age. All the black lace is also in very good very sound condition, the ecru inside the bavalet has started to unravel. This is a wonderful example of mid century womens headwear.

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