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xxM411M Nice High waist Couture Dress From Redfern

Beautiful empire waist yellow silk satin dress from Redfern. It has many fine details, but the photos it does not provide justice. However, I will take more photos when I get a better figure. There is a big problem that the clothes are so small.

Redfern was a British couture house with branches in Paris and the United States which operated between 1881 and 1929. It was founded in London in 1855 by John Redfern. his designs were often teatured in La Gazette du Bon Ton. In 1879 he created a dress in jersey, worn by Lillie Langtry, named the "Jersey lily" ( She was born in jersey). John Redfern was appointed dress maker to the queen in 1888. Redfern designed the first womans uniform for the red cross in 1916.

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