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Hjem-Museum / Clothing and Accessories-Vintage clothing-1870 - 1901 - Late Victorian-xxM1011M My beautiful wedding dress destroyed by accident SOLD

xxM1011M My beautiful wedding dress destroyed by accident

xxM1011M My beautiful wedding dress destroyed by accident.My beautiful wedding dress 1896 destroyed by accident ; This is the most beautiful wedding dress I have in my collection. I bought it at a New Year auction in 2005. Then it was in excellent condition. The following happened. I took it with me to a new apartment in 2006. It was lying in a box in plastic. I put the box on the sidewalk when I would open the car door . Then came a strong wind took hold of  the  dress and threw it into the air . The dress fell down in the street where it had rained The entire skirt got big spots and silk fabric had huge gashes .
However, the upper part with brussel lace is in excellent condition. The top is quite a sight with balloon arms and lots of handmade lace . It is made in the most exclusive silk. It has a typical corset waist and tight boned . It has twenty whalebone . The skirt is thin shiny silk and very large volume. The inner layer of the skirt still can be used. I'm thinking about buying silk and sew a new skirt by hand. The problem is that I can not find the right silk..  SOLD

  • Front View l
  • Side View ll
  • Stains and tear on the skirt View lll
  • Upper part of the dress front  view lV
  • Upper part with handmade lace close up V
  • Upper part back side View Vl
  • Inside heavely boned upper part View Vl
  • Arm View llx
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