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Hjem-Ladies-Shoes-1830-50 Satin Shoes - Nr.s1s

1830-50 Satin Shoes

A pair of Victorian slippers / boots. They are in white satin but silk is gone on the entire backside. However, it is under the silk cotton and this is in good condition. It is possible to remove the silk, you get a nice pair of cotton slippers / shoes. Or you can have them like they are. It is not easy to come across shoes that are so old. In my opinion, shoes in good condition taken their age into account. They are decorative. They may also still be used. Shoes size equivalent to today's size 36 Price 300 N.Kr-50 USD


  • Front View
  • Side View
  • Side inside View
  • Shoe Soles View
  • Front Inside View
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